Another day after the Pike

Pike from the kayak

A midweek break in the weather saw Dave and myself head up north to a good size lake in one of the border counties. The sun was just up when we arrived at a freezing cold lakeshore, but with no wind the lake surface was like a mirror.

Early morning Kayak Pike Fishing

An early start to the fishing

The old church on the lakeshore with it’s little cemetery was lit by the early morning sunshine.

The old Church in the sunlight

The old Church in the sunlight

I’d never fished deadbaits before, so Dave rigged me up with a mackerel under a float on one rod while I fitted lures to my other two rods, one of which was courtesy of Shamrock Tackle, along with my new reel. Now this lake varies greatly in depth depending where you are and not having a fish finder was a bit of a pain. It was impossible to know what depth to set the deadbait so it was all a bit hit and miss.

Well it was more miss than hit because neither of us got a bite all morning. So we regrouped on the shore for a cup of tea and a discussion on tactics. Flasks out, kayaks tethered, we sat down on a comfy clump of grass, poured the tea and of course Dave forgot his grub so he had to share mine……

After a quick (very quick) lunch stop it was back on the water and a troll around some new water. At this point I’d abandoned the dead bait and put out the two rods with the lures. Dave spotted some bait fish on his fish finder which was the first sign of underwater life we’d seen all day. I paddled as close to the shore as I could and before long I hit a fish on my new rod. It’s a nice little light rod and I had a small lure on a 7lb line. Lucky enough the fish was small but still, it’s my first fish of the year and they all count…….

A quick photo and the pike was released back into the water unharmed.

Pike fishing from the kayak

First Pike of the year.

We both trolled around for another hour or so without a touch when I happened to pass by the same spot again and bang! Another fish on in exactly the same place. I thought at first it might have been the same Pike but no, it was a smaller fish and he too was landed and released safely back into the water.

So that was it for our few hours fishing – two small Pike. Still it beats work! It was a lovely day for it even though the wind did pick up as the day went on.

Lovely day for pike fishing

Lovely day for pike fishing




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