Blackpool in Black and White

Blackpool! What can I say?
It was my first time there and it lived up to every expectation. Tacky, gaudy and clich├ęd but beautiful at the same time. It was everything I expected of a British seaside holiday resort, full of take-aways, cheap plastic tack, run-down hotels and gift shops. Shops like this one that specialised in lettered rock, that quintessential present that everyone brings home.

Man asking not to have his photo taken outside shop in Blackpool
Bring me back a stick of rock….

Eat in or take away? That is the question! Maybe phone a friend to get some help………

Couple sitting outside a take away
I’m on the phone…

Of course you can’t go to Blackpool without having an ice-cream or a threesome……

Couple sitting outside ice cream shop
Fancy one?

Fine dining is fairly rampant in Blackpool and when the weather is good, then why not dine al fresco.

Eating outside a fish and chip shop
Al Fresco…..
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Author: Denis O'Donovan

Photographer. Professional Killer. Angler.

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