I hate wasps.

Well hate is probably the wrong word but I certainly fear wasps. In fact I’m terrified of them because I’m allergic to the little buggers. If I get stung by a wasp, I swell up and do a pretty good imitation of the Elephant Man. I also have difficulty telling the difference between bees and wasps so when I spotted lots of bees feeding on our apples in the back garden, I thought that’s good. Bees are cool and do lots of cool stuff like not being able to fly when the laws of aerodynamics say it’s impossible for them to do so.

So I decided to grab my camera, borrow Lorraine’s Macro lens and get up close and personal with my “bees”. There’s a pile of apples on the ground under our trees and the “bees” have been happily munching away on them for the past while. Of course with the macro, shooting at f2.8 is a no no. When you’re up so close you need to be down around f11 or more and it’s pretty dark under our trees so the ISO has to go up to between 4000 and 8000. Hence these photos are not as clear as I’d like.

My “bees” weren’t too impressed with me down on my hands and knees and getting to within a few inches of them. Couple of them took and and buzzed me number of times but i paid no heed. They’re too busy feeding to be worried about me. Anyway, I fired off a couple of shots to see what I could get. Thankfully I didn’t disturb them too much because it turns out that my “bees” weren’t bees at all but bloody wasps. It was only when I looked closely at the photos on the big screen that I realised they didn’t have any sacks of goodies on their legs to bring back to the hive. Quick search on Google confirmed it. Wasps! Feicin loads of them and me down on the ground in among them.

So here’s my first and last photos of wasps feeding in my garden.

Wasps feeding on apples
Wasps, lots of wasps…
Wasps feeding on apples
It’s a bee…no it’s a wasp
Wasps feeding on apples
Mind you, they are gorgeous…..
Wasps feeding on apples



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