Homebrew and how it’s done


Homebrew has certainly taken off in the last few years.

So Saturday morning saw me tip over to Brú Brewery in Trim which was the impromptu venue for a homebrew cub meeting and a chance for me to see some real homebrew in action. There’s a lot of standing around and waiting goes on while the water is boiling….

People talking about homebrew
Lots of talk about brewing

Eventually things come to a boil and the grain is added.

Mashing the grain in homebrew
Adding in the grain….

This whole brewing process is very precise with temperature and timing being of the utmost importance. All is worked out to a well documented plan.

Mad Cow Stout recipe
Mad Cow Stout recipe

Once the grain is added there then follows more standing around chatting.

Waiting for mash to boil
While it’s on the boil….

Once the mash is done, the grain is removed and all the precious wort is drained from the bag. Nothing goes to waste.

Draining the mash during homebrew
Draining the mash

Next up is the hops. No homebrew is worth it’s salt without the said hops.

Measuring the hops for homebrew
Measuring the hops

Of course once the hops are in then it’s time for more chit chat while the homebrew does it’s thing.

Laughing while the homebrew brews
More chatting……

Eventually it’s time to cool down the boiling brew in order to get it down to the correct temperature to add the yeast. It’s the yeast that does the business in converting the extracted sugar from the grain into the all important alcohol.

Cooling down the homebrew
Cooling down….

We didn’t get to finish off the beer that day but it was a most enjoyable few hours and it will probably tempt me away from beer kits and into some real brewing. It’s not that difficult but it’s certainly a lot more fun and interesting.

If you want to see a few more photos from the day, have a look here on my Flickr.

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