Weekly Photo Challenge: Three

Another great photo challenge this week and a chance for me to cheat a little bit. I could probably scroll back through my library and dig out a suitable threesome but as soon as I saw the challenge I immediately thought of these three shots.
Now to be fair, I didn’t take them. They were taken by my wife at a recent wedding we shot.
We shoot together as a team and she was covering the brides preparations while I was shooting the groom and his preparations.
My wife captured this special moment as the bride kissed her daughter. We’ve used one of these shots in the album but I think the trio makes a beautiful compilation.
What do you think?

Trio of mother kissing daughter
That special moment

I’ve put the three larger pics in separately so you can appreciate them a bit more.

Mother and daughter
Mother and daughter
Mother and daughter kissing
Moving in…….
Mother and daughter kissing
That magic moment…

There’s a few more photos from the wedding in a previous blog post.

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