The Old Rectory

The Old Rectory, Trim, Co. Meath

A guided tour of The Old Rectory by Martina Quinn.

Following on from Noel French’s guided tour of St. Patrick’s Cathedral a few weeks back, we made our way across Loman Street to the beautiful Old Rectory.  This magnificent house is owned by Martina Quinn and she kindly gave us (and there was a lot of us) a very informative tour from top to bottom – literally – she even brought down into the basement.

Martina Quinn outside The Old Rectory
Martina outside The Old Rectory

In the front sitting room, Martina gave us the history of the house and some of it’s occupants over the years. I’m not going into all that here but it was very interesting and one thing that did come across was Martina’s passion and love of the house.

Learning about The Old Rectory
Learning about The Old Rectory

Even to rector from St. Patrick’s Cathedral was enthralled.

Rector in Old Rectory Trim.
Listening intently

We got to see all the rooms on all four floors but this landing caught my attention with the light streaming in through the window onto the gorgeous wooden floors. The hat stand was a bonus.

Hat stand in the Old Rectory, Trim.
The Hat Stand

From the bright landing down to the dark lower floors we were greeted by the most amazing collection of books – all owned by Martina’s brother. Neatly wrapped in brown paper and tied up with old fashioned string, each bundle was catalogued and numbered.  You even got to see whether they were clean or soiled copies! Who knows what treasures lie within.

Bundles of books in the Old Rectory, Trim.
Soiled Copies

And for the photographer pixel peepers, this one was ISO 12,800 f3.5 1/60th on the 24-70mm f2.8.  Not bad, huh?

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