And they lived happily ever after

wedding photo
This day back in 19……..

For the day that’s in it I thought I’d dig out the old wedding album and scan a shot from it. This day back many many moons ago myself and herself tied the knot. Before I go any further I’d better give credit to the photographer in case I run into copyright trouble! He was Peter Farrell from North King Street and I suspect he was like most other togs back then in that he’d shoot 36 photos and we’d pick 24 from them for the album. Bit different from todays togs some of whom have been known to shoot 2000 images at one wedding – spray & pray!

Anyway, back to us. It was a different world back then. We actually had our house bought in Trim a year before we were married. Moving in together before marriage was’t even considered – how times have changed. It never even crossed our minds to consider “living together” before getting married as it just wasn’t done. Our parents wouldn’t have allowed it anyway.

Of course a photographer at your wedding was essential, but back then video had only started to make an appearance. We hadn’t booked a videographer but on the morning of our wedding someone said they knew someone with a video camera and that he might do it. Cool, we were going to have video too. The video guy lived in Drimnagh, not far from our church in Rialto so he was duly hired for the princely sum of a tenner, a meal and a few drinks – result! So what do you get for a tenner? Well the funniest wedding video ever! Lots of shaky camera, dodgy voice overs, no editing, ham acting (by us) and some amazing special effects. Those special effects included smoke – basically whoever had the camera in their hand inevitably had a cigarette too, so the smoke drifted up past the lens adding “atmosphere” to the scene.

Still all those years later and we’re still together and I still love her as much now as I did back then.



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