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No PaNic

Old Ursus tractor on a farm

The farm tractor

Just spent an amazing weekend with my wife and a whole bunch of friends on a farm in the middle of nowhere. Nothing typifies a farm as much as the iconic tractor.

Loading pizzas into a real pizza oven


Of course food is important and Fred, our host had a real proper pizza oven built in his yard. He lit it early in the day and allowed the heat to build up. By evening time it was ready and Fred pushed back the embers to make room for the home-made pizzas. I have never tasted pizzas like them – absolutely delicious and a big thanks to all our “chefs” who got their hands dirty making them.

Bottle of Jonge Jenever

That special bottle...

Of course you can’t eat without drinking so we had a very special bottle all the way from Holland. In fact we had quite a few of them……but that’s another story.

Mother and daughter playing on the grass

Happiness is......

……rolling in the grass. Amanda is one of the happiest, outgoing, beautiful little girls I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She was happiness personified with a hug and a kiss for everyone. She was a little star who brought a smile to everyone’s face over the weekend – and there were a lot of faces over the two days.

So a big thanks from myself and Lorraine to everyone involved – you know who you are. Thanks for a wonderful weekend and we hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did.

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