Kylemore Abbey

Kylemore Abbey. Connemara.

Kylemore – without the Abbey.

No trip to Connemara would be complete without a visit to the beautiful Kylemore Abbey.

So we duly did the whole touristy thing and paid a visit – paid handsomely too, because at €13 a head it’s not exactly cheap! The Abbey itself is absolutely stunning situated on the edge of the lake against a backdrop of towering mountains. This is the first view of it when you leave the car park and we joined the rest of the throng taking the same photo as everyone else. I’m not posting one here because you’ve seen it a million times already.

We hopped on the shuttle bus which brought us the kilometre or so up to the walled gardens. Now being the middle of March there wasn’t a lot of colour but I’d say it’s gorgeous later in the year. The gardens are HUGE and are still under restoration with lots of interesting features. Again I’m not posting photos of the gardens as they’re ten a penny. However I did find this little gem in one of those places you’re not meant to be…….

Under walled garden at kylemore abbey
Down under…..

After a nice walk around the gardens we were shuttled back down to the Abbey where we had a look round some of the rooms that are open to the public. However it was the rest of the rooms that are not open to the public that intrigued me. There was a girls school at Kylemore Abbey until it closed in 2010 and if that part of the building is not in use, then I smell a potential urbex location in the offing….watch this space!

After the Abbey we headed up to the Gothic Church built as a memorial to yer man’s missus. Lovely little building with some interesting features that escape me now. Of course it’s still a place of worship so I hung around the candle area until someone came along to worship.

Woman lighting candle offering in church
Light a penny candle…….

I’d love to get in underneath this church to the crypt but unfortunately it’s locked up tight. Still it looked inviting in through the barred window.

Crypt under the Gothic Church

So that’s my photo story of our recent visit to Kylemore Abbey – without any photos of Kylemore Abbey 🙂

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