Coolronan Raceway

Coolronan Raceway without the racing.

So last Sunday saw myself and Lorraine head out into the wilds of Ballivor to go see the motor racing at the world famous Coolronan Raceway. Now I’m not a car racing fan, nor am I a petrol head but I have to say the craic was mighty! Our friend Stuart McCoy explained each race but TBH I still hadn’t a clue how it worked. I know first across the finish line won, but everyone started on different parts of the track (sometimes) and how they knew how many laps they’d done is beyond me especially the bangers! In some races there was no contact allowed whereas in others it was full on mayhem. Mad Max eat your heart out. Anyway, I’ll save those photos for another post.

Of course I took loads of car pics, some panning shots and some static shots. However they were boring as hell when looked at in the cold light of day. What interested me most was the drivers, so here’s a few shots of these guys. There were girls too but they mustn’t have crashed!

Lonely figure at the race track

Lonely figure at the race track

After the crash at Coolronan raceway

After the crash

John Boy crashes at Coolronan

Good night John Boy

Waiting for the recovery at Coolronan

Waiting for the recovery

And for those of you looking for some action……….

Crash bang wallop at Coolronan

Crash bang wallop at Coolronan


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