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23 Mar 2017



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Title : Vitas_mama 2003
Album : VITASEXCLUSIVE Official Album / Single
Source : YT
Type of file : Audio MP3 (.mp3), WebM, mp4
Audio Summary : Mp3, 44100 Hz, stereo, s16p, 320Kbps

Vitas_mama 2003 , Source:

Mother (Mama)

01. The Star (Zvezda)
02. Mother (Mama)
03. An Autumn Leaf (List osenniy)
04. Through the years (Cherez gody)
05. The Birds Have Flown Away (Ptitsy uleteli)
06. Dedication (Posvyascheniye)
07. Starry River (Zvyozdnaya reka)
08. My God, How Much I Love Her! (Bozhe, kak ya lyublyu)
09. Pigtails (Kosichki)
10. Even Stars Will Look Like Letters / Insomnia (Dazhe zvyozdy pokazhutsya pis'mami / Bessonnitsa)
11. Extraterrestrial Friend (Inoplanetnyi drug)
12. An Autumn Leaf, remix (Osenniy list)
13. Wait Just for a While (Podozhdi nemnogo)

Some illegal CDs have 5 more songs:
14. Streets of the Capital (Ulitsy stolitsy)
15. Heartbeat (Serdtsebiyeniye)
16. An Internet-mood (Internet-nastroyeniye)
17. In the Land of Magnolias (V krayu magnoliy)
18. Mantra (Mantra)
19. Happiness (Schast'ye)

VITAS as a singer and songwriter has been known on Russian stage since 2000. Today Vitas is an artist who has gained popularity outside of Russia as well. His performances took place in the most prestigious and greatest halls.

He has filmed 7 movies and 19 music videos, released 29 CDs and presented 10 concert shows. Possessing a unique vocal range of 5 octaves, Vitas is capable to perform brilliantly vocal pieces of different music genres. The artists music videos are represented on the following page of his official website: – VITAS’ Albums
Vitas’ song “7th Element” has become a sensation in the USA. The unique number views of MV from Vitas on The Soup Facebook!

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