Dublin by night

Dublin City at night
Full moon over Dublin

Last week myself and my urbex buddy Jonathan took a trip to the highest point in Dublin City. No it’s not Liberty Hall which is the highest building but it’s down in a hollow. Where we were is a shorter building but is situated on much higher ground and from the top you can see all over Dublin – North, South, East and West. We were blessed with a full moon although it was partially hidden behind some light clouds. The Spire in O’Connell Street is clearly visible reaching skywards. I was trying to use live view on my camera to focus on the spire. I had a 70-200 lens on with the camera on my tripod.¬†Unfortunately the metal grill we were precariously perched on was subject to vibrations from the machinery below us and it was unbelievable how much the Spire was shaking on my screen. So rather than a long exposure, I had to up the ISO and keep it short. It’s still not the sharpest but it will have to do. It is a view of the City that not many people get so I hope you like it.


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Author: Denis O'Donovan

Photographer. Professional Killer. Angler.

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