Knocking on Heavens Door

Inside a gift shop in Knock, Co. Mayo
All in the one shop – Jesus & Jerseys

I’d never been to Knock so by chance we happened to be in that neck of the woods during the week with an hour to kill and the camera in the car. Of course the first thing you see is the row of tacky gift shops selling everything from Jerseys to Jesus. It’s actually quite surreal to wander the aisles of these little shops and see the range of stuff, mostly cheap tack, on sale. From Ireland rugby and soccer shirts to Jesus calendars to walking sticks and Ritchie’s  After Dinner Mints. Mind you we bought a packet of the mints which had passed their sell by date last September but they were grand.

I kneel before thee
I kneel before thee

On then past the shops and into the main attraction which again is quite surreal. Here in this little tiny town in the back of beyond is this humongous house of prayer. This is not the little church where the apparition was supposed to take place. No, this was built to cater for the massive crowds of people who flock here year after year and it is HUGE! It even looks bigger inside and must hold a couple of thousand people. Great place to hold a boxing tournament actually.

Lighting a candle at a shrine in Knock
Light a candle

Of course Knock is all about the people and their belief in God. Lighting candles and saying a few silent prayers is a source a great comfort to a lot of people as this lady was doing. I did ask her could I take the shot and she didn’t mind at all.

Knock is definitely on my to do list later in the year when all the action is taking place and if you feel like having a peep at a few more shots, then pop over to my

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Author: Denis O'Donovan

Photographer. Professional Killer. Angler.