Nothing to see here

Crowds on Bray Head
Can't get a photo here

What amazing weather we’ve been having for the past few days. That probably went some way to explaining the great crowd that turned out for the Paul Freeney Photowalk to Kilruddery House and Bray Head. I’d never been to Kilruddery and it was well worth the trip. A stunningly beautiful place that will be visited again when it’s fully open.

As for Bray Head? I haven’t been up there since I was a teenager back a couple of years ago….

When we went there we always climbed up from Bray and from what I remember it was a tough oul climb. However, Paul took us up the easier route which was just as well.

So there we were, 74 photographers armed to the teeth with cameras, lenses, tripods, filters, cable releases etc. We all (well nearly all) made our way to the summit to get that prize winning shot. Imagine my surprise when I heard comments like “too many people, can’t get a photo here” or “it’s no use, it’s too crowded”. WTF? Where is it written that you can’t take a photo in a crowd? Who remembers those picture postcards from years ago with crowded beaches, kids eating ice-cream and playing with beach balls?

Come on folks, think outside the landscape.

Bray Head will still be there tomorrow and the day after and the day after, but you will never, ever see Bray head like this again. Ok, you might go when it’s crowded again but you’ll never capture this particular slice of Bray life.

My advice – take the shot.

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Author: Denis O'Donovan

Photographer. Professional Killer. Angler.

6 thoughts on “Nothing to see here”

  1. Cool shot and even better thinking. I’m not the biggest fan of other photographers saying “there’s no shot here” etc etc. There’s ALWAYS a shot, well taken!!

  2. Agree with the others, there’s always a shot. More particularly, there’s definitely a shot when nobody thinks there is! Love it Denis, you can see my house too! 😉

  3. Sound advice there Denis. I think most were disappointed after busting a gut getting to the top in the heat lugging a bag full of photo gear. I managed a shot or two from the summit, once I gained by breath back. Love this one of yours.

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