Over and under

Looking down the barrels of a shotgun

Even though I’ve given up clay pigeon shooting, I did enjoy last Sundays shoot with our local club over in Ballivor Shooting Grounds. That was my first time there and I have to hand it to Pat Kelly, the owner, he has put together a super little shooting grounds that caters for both DTL and Sporting.  We shot (at) 70 testing targets and I even managed to hit a few despite my gun trying to break my shoulder at one point by firing both cartridges at the same time! What a bloody kick it gave me!

Of course I brought the camera along too and snapped a few shots including this of looking down the barrels of Barrys gun – and they were empty, I made sure before hand. You can see the rest of the set on Pix.ie

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Author: Denis O'Donovan

Photographer. Professional Killer. Angler.