Pike fishing from the Kayak

Pike fishing from the Kayak

It’s been a while since I got out on the kayak for a Pike and Sunday 5th March was a perfect day weather wise. It was bitterly cold but the winds were light with just the odd shower thrown in. A short spin brought me to a little lake not too far from me which has very handy access for launching the kayak.

I’d bought myself a second GoPro (Hero 3+) which has built in wifi and I’d bought a secondhand wifi back for my old GoPro (Hero 2) so I could control both cameras with the one ┬áremote. I’ve fished this lake a few times and never blanked so I was looking forward to trying out the twin cameras on a fish.

Ready to launch the kayak
Ready to launch the kayak

I had one rod set up with a dead bait and the other with a soft plastic lure that looked like a little Roach. Off I went on a slow paddle around the lake in anything from 2ft to 20ft of water which left me snagging the lure quite a bit. After a couple of hours of no action it was time to stop for a bite of lunch.

Lunchtime on the lake with the kayak
Lunchtime on the lake

I even flung the dead bait out from the bank while I was eating but it was untouched by anything pikey. So a change of tactics was in order and I swapped the dead bait for another lure, this time a floating lure that would dive just under the surface when trolling. It wasn’t long until I hit my first fish and gave me a chance to try the cameras. They worked well and I captured my not too shabby pike in all it’s glory ­čÖé Have a look at the video below.

Nice pike on the kayak
Nice pike on the kayak

I managed to land another three and lose another three which would have been a fine bag of seven fish for the day. The two cameras worked well too!

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