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#25 Project 52 @ 50

Elanor Buttimore from Kinsale

Eleanor from Kinsale in Drogheda....

As we finished up in the graveyard during the Drogheda Photowalk, this woman came in with her little dog and sat on one of the tombs. The little dog sat up on the wall in front of the railings just in the corner where the blue door is in the background.

I got chatting to her and it turns out she is originally from Cork, my home county. Her name is Eleanor Buttimore – not Buttimer as I thought, but Buttimore and she hails from Kinsale.

Small world says I, and it gets even smaller. She’s a retired school teacher and she taught in a tiny little village in Cork called Innishannon which is on the Cork to Bandon road.

I asked her did she know my auntie, Nurse Murphy. Of course she knew her. Everybody knew her because she was the mid wife for the area back in the 40’s and 50’s and that’s when Eleanor was teaching  down there.

Of course being a Cork woman, there was only one name she could have on her little dog – Murph!

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