Pike from the Kayak

Pike fishing from the kayak.

The Pike beckoned so at the last minute, I decided to throw the yak on the roof of the car and head out for a try at some pike on Valentines morning.
Got to my launch point around 9’ish and although it was cold the sun peeked through the clouds and it even gave off a little bit of heat when it shone.
In fact I actually got sunburn on my face – imagine getting sunburnt in February in Ireland!

Kayak fishing for pike
Ready to launch….

With the weather being so cold, the plan was to keep paddling all day in the hope of keeping warm, so I set off with just one rod and a few lures.
The first trip saw me skirt the shore of the lake while trying to keep from snagging in the shallows. That produced nothing other than lots of weed clearing from the sinking lure.
Changed to a floater and tried again but to no avail.

After a couple of hours, nature called, as did the flask of soup, so a quick stop at one end of the lake was on the cards. Found me a nice little bird hide with a comfy chair and a lovely view.

Bird hide overlooking lake
Soup with a view…..

After the pit stop it was back to the pike fishing and a change of weapon. I switched to a small little lure that I’d found on the shore of Lough Derravaragh many years ago and lo and behold within a few minutes I’m into a fish.
Nothing spectacular but a decent size pike and it got me off the mark. (You’ll have to excuse the date stamp on this shot).

Pike from Cavan Lake
The obligatory photo

Trolled on some more only to hit a major snag which pulled the rod and holder from the Scotty Triple Rod holder. The rod was tethered but the holder wasn’t so it disappeared down to Davy Jones’s locker. To make matters worse, the snag broke the nose off my lure so the action was knackered. Tied on a new lure and trolled some more.
Now this lake ranges in depth from 0.5m to nearly 9.5m with lots of sudden drop offs.
I trolled around the back of one of the islands in about 2.5m of water and then suddenly went into a shallow spot of less than 1m.
I slowed down a bit to let the lure float back up to avoid snagging when BANG! Fish on!
This was a much better fish than the first one and she played hard. Eventually got her in, unhooked her, admired her beauty and sent her off on her merry way to fight another day.

Didn’t take a pic of this fish but you can watch them both in the video.

And there you have it. My adventures on Valentines Day.
As an aside, while I was loading up the kayak to head home, a few locals passed by and stopped for a chat.
They all wanted to know how I got on, but I was surprised that they were surprised when I told them I’d released the fish.
They seemed to think it strange that I didn’t keep them………..

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