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Ballinasloe Horse Fair 2014

It’s Ballinasloe Horse Fair time again.

I love the annual Ballinasloe Horse Fair and not because I love horses. In fact the only time I like horses is when they’re in between two burger buns with onions, cheese and ketchup! No, it’s the people, the smell, the shite and all the other goings on that attracts me year after year. It’s a photographers paradise if you like street photography. If you’re into landscapes, milky water shots and swans, then Ballinasloe is not for you…….

Men with sticks at Ballinasloe Horse Fair

Men with sticks…….

Possible sale of pony at Ballinasloe

Possible sale…….

Queue for toilets at Ballinasloe Horse Fair

Ice cream or……

Hopefully this will give you a flavour of this wonderful fair, the oldest horse fair in the world. I’ve a few more shots over here if you want to have a look.

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