Blackpool Regulars

Few more shots from Blackpool.
This couple from Glasgow have been coming to Blackpool on holiday for the past twenty years on the trot. Now that’s dedication for you. Of course their kids have grown up now and probably wouldn’t be seen dead on hols with the parents, so it’s just the two of them and they still love it!

Couple from glasgow on holiday in blackpool
From Glasgow with love…

We’ve seen the furore over the lovers locks on the Ha’Penny Bridge in Dublin and the damage it might or might not cause. Well they’re at it in Blackpool too. The railings at the end of the pier are festooned with lovers locks and of course there’s no shortage of lovers either…..

Locks on blackpool pier
True love on the pier

Of course no trip to Blackpool Pleasure Beach would be complete without a donkey ride. It’s up there with rock, fish ‘n’ chips, amusements and striped deckchairs.

Donkey ride on Blackpool beach
Donkey ride there sir?

Lots of love in this set of photos so why not two lovers strolling arm in arm along the famous Blackpool Pier – and why not!

Elderly couple on blackpool pier
Afternoon stroll on the pier
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