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#23 Project 52 @ 50

Keith of Ship Street Drogheda

Ship Street, Drogheda.

One of the stops on our recent photowalk in Drogheda was Ship Street which is a beautiful wide street between Marsh Road and the River Boyne. On either side of the street, which is really a square because it’s so wide, are two rows of cut stone terraced houses. Unfortunately all of them bar five are derelict because of the constant flooding from the river.

While we were there one of the doors opened and out came Keith with a cup of tea in his hand. He was curious to know what the 40 photographers were up to and were we tourists! I explained what we were at and he was happy with that. He told me he lived there since last October when he needed to get a place of his own. There were only five other families living in the street which is an awful pity because it’s a fantastic street lined with houses that were obviously beautiful in their day. The constant flooding has taken it’s toll.

Keith invited me in to have a look around. He lives on his own and his house is basically a one up, one down house. Downstairs he has one room which serves as his kitchen and living room while upstairs is his bedroom and a shower room. He also has a postage stamp for a back yard which doesn’t get any sun.

One of the modifications to his house is the raised floor downstairs to help combat the flooding. This leaves the ceiling quite low and the room feels a bit claustrophobic.

Keith is happy enough where he is. He has his independence, can come and go when he pleases and doesn’t have to put up with any annoying neighbours!

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