#7 Project 52 @ 50

Man sitting alone in pub
The Professor.....

We stopped for some food in Lil Doyle’s pub on the way down to the South East Photowalk last Friday. Not being familiar with the layout, we went into the bar only to be told by the sole occupant that the food was being served in the lounge. In we went and while we were waiting for the grub, I thought of my Project 52 @ 50 and this chap sitting outside in the bar. ┬áBack out to the car for the camera fitted with the 50mm and back into the bar to grab a couple of shots.

He didn’t mind having his photo taken and sat patiently while I rearranged half the bar furniture. One of the drawbacks of only using the 50mm on this project is that you have to compose with your feet and an inconvenient row of bar stools had to be moved.

Turns out he’s known locally as The Professor but his nick name is Flo and his real name is Patrick Mates.

So here’s to you Flo for being so patient with me.

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