Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

So the object of this weeks challenge is the object….see what I did there!
Of course most photos will have something as the focal point and one way to highlight that is to use shallow depth of field to isolate that object from the rest of the scene.
In this case I didn’t have much choice as I was shooting a poker game in a small dark pub using available light so wide apertures coupled with high ISO was the order of the day.

Poker chips at a poker game is the object
When the chips are down…..

So the chips became the object of the second shot too along with the boxes from the packs of cards sitting on the fireplace.

Poker chips and cards are the objects on the mantlepiece
Chips and cards…..

Actually I really enjoyed the challenge of shooting that poker game in such a tough environment. Well a few pints of Guinness made it a little easier. You can see a few more photos from the shoot on a previous post.
Hope you like my take on the challenge and don’t object to it…….:-)
You can also see the rest of the set here.

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