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Autumn in Trim

Trim looking lovely in the autumn sunshine.

What a glorious day today! Temperatures better than during the summer, clear blue skies and no wind or rain. Having worked all weekend we decided to take a break today and head down the town for a walk. Of course the cameras had to come with it being such a nice day.

River Boyne Trim in autumn colour

The Boyne in Autumn colour

A lot of people don’t like our Courthouse but I love it. The clean modern lines and materials contrast nicely with the Yellow Steeple.

Yellow Steeple and Courthouse Trim in autumn colour

Yellow Steeple and Courthouse

Of course the Yellow Steeple is stunning on it’s own, especially in the low autumn sunlight. (If you look closely you can see herself taking a photo of Trim Castle).

Yellow Steeple Trim in autumn colour

Yellow Steeple

Speaking of Trim Castle, I don’t often get to shoot it as a silhouette but it works well against a plain sky with the steeple of St. Patrick’s making it’s presence felt.

Trim Castle in silhouette

Trim Castle in silhouette

Across from the castle heading towards the new bridge is a popular route for walking the dogs.

Walking the dogs in Trim in the autumn

Nice day for walking the dogs

Heading along the Boyne towards Porchie the big trees and their fallen leaves offer a nice frame for another view of Trim Castle.

Trim Castle in autumn colour

Trim Castle in autumn colour

The river walk along the Boyne eventually brings you to Newtown which agin looks fabulous in the Autumn sunlight.

Newtown Bridge Trim in autumn

Newtown Bridge Trim

Of course we now have the whole of Porchfield encircled with a proper walking path and once you follow it around you get to look back at Newtown Abbey which again is just beautiful this time of year.

Newtown Abbey Trim

Newtown Abbey Trim

Hope you enjoy our little tour of beautiful Trim.





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