Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

An interesting challenge this week – Perspective.

We all know that changing the perspective of a photo can change it utterly. Getting down low, getting up high, anything to change the normal point of view can alter the perspective greatly. Likewise, the use of camera lenses can affect perspective.

For this weeks challenge I’ve chosen two photos of the same bike, well actually it’s a trike. As a fan of wide angle lenses I nearly always have my 16 – 35mm fixed to my full frame camera so I really get the benefit of the width. The first shot here is side on and of course the bike (trike) looks like a bike.

Red trike from the side with wide angle lens
The Big Red Trike

Move around to the front and this time with an 8mm Fish Eye lens and the subject takes on a whole new perspective.

Red trike from different perspective
ET’s cousin….

So there you go, my take on perspective. If you want to see more photos of these gorgeous bikes and trikes, have a look at the rest of the album here.

What do you think of my interpretation of perspective?

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