To blur or not to blur.

So this weeks challenge is Blur.

I usually try to avoid blurred photos but sometimes one slips through and it grows on you. This is an old one that I blogged some years ago. In fact it was a bit of a rant I had at the time about inconsistencies in photo competition judging. I’m not going to go into the details here but you can read that particular post here if you wish.

Anyway, back to my blurred photo. This was one of my early attempts at panning and TBH my technique hasn’t improved. It’s a swan flying along my local river and I made a complete mess of the attempted panning, ending up with a blur. However, in the true spirit of art, convert it to Black and White and hey presto – artistic something or other……..

Swans flying on the Boyne
Abstract art or just a crap photo?


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