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Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

Well this weeks challenge, abandoned, is right up my street as I’ve spent a fair bit of time exploring and photographing abandoned buildings. From disused mental institutions to abandoned schools right through to derelict (and not so derelict) factories, I’ve had many enjoyable hours of exploration. Of course having so many photographs to choose from leaves me with the dilemma of which ones to post for this weeks challenge. Which few photos will portray the wide variety of abandoned buildings I’ve explored.

One of the recurring themes that seems to be quite popular is the lonely chair and I have quite a large collection of these so I’ll start with one of my favourites. This was the scene that greeted us in the corridor of a disused mental hospital.

wheelchair in corridor of abandoned hospital

The lonely wheelchair

Staying on the hospital theme, you do come across some very odd ball stuff. For instance inside another mental hospital we came across this bath full of green water – very odd!

Bath full of green water

I dread to think what went on here…..

Of course we don’t always stay above ground when exploring and my next photo saw us descend underground to explore an abandoned mine. Actually the day previous to our visit saw a poor unfortunate woman fall down this mine shaft. Lucky for her it was flooded and she only fell about 20ft into deep water and was rescued after spending quite a few hours clinging to a small ledge. She was lucky but also very silly to go in there with no flashlight because it was pitch black.

Flooded mine shaft in abandoned mine

Not a good place to fall

For my final shot I’ve chosen a shot from a trip to an abandoned power station. This was the control room at the top of the building complete with a huge desk, lots of dials and of course lots of dust.

Control room in abandoned power station

It’s all under control

So there’s a few of my abandoned shots for this weeks challenge and I hope you enjoy them. I have some more albums posted online like this one from an abandoned school and this from an abandoned flour mill. Let me know what you think.

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