Life without Facebook

It’s been seven months since I deleted my Facebook account.

So has the roof caved in? Did the world end? Well to be honest, no! Life still goes on without Facebook. I still wake up in the morning and put on my socks.

So why did I desert the worlds most popular social network? Well I did it for a number of reasons, the main one being that I was being stalked by lots of weird bearded people called Bob! Ah no seriously, I just got fed up with the whole insidious intrusion in your life that was Facebook. It used to be great fun sharing stuff with your “friends” and getting feedback from them in the form of “likes” and comments. Then Facebook changed (and they are constantly changing) how they operate and in the couple of moths before I deleted my account, all I could see in my timeline was commercial posts and ads for shit I didn’t want to know about. My screen was full of “suggested” this and “recommended” that. I wasn’t seeing anything from people I knew. If I posted a photo only about 10% of my friends got to see it and Facebook decided who those 10% would be.

So here I am seven months on and do I feel I’m missing out on stuff? Well yes I do because I’m constantly being bombarded with links to Facebook pages and I don’t visit them. From other photographers to fishing and hunting groups, they all have their Facebook pages and are forever posting links via the twitter machine. Once I see the dreaded fb in the link I just move on and read the next tweet so I don’t get to see whatever it is they have on their Facebook page. Will I return to Facebook? Probably!

For now, I’ll stick to my own little folder in the vastness of the www and of course this being primarily a photo blog, here’s a completely random photo that has absolutely nothing to do with this post!

Man outside pub smoking
He’s not on Facebook either!


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