The Big Smoke

Staircase in abandoned factory
Stairway to…..

Few shots from our recent explore in a disused factory. Sometimes you come across little gems as we did here with this simple concrete staircase coupled with beautiful light pouring down from above. The walls were painted grey so the whole shot screamed black and white.

Large windows in a disused factory
The light pours in

I was going to post one of colour shots of these areas to show the beautiful solid wood floors but instead chose another black and white. This time it was the reflection in the puddle and the light from the windows that caught my eye. Again such simple shot that needed no processing – you just can’t beat SOOC without all that garish HDR that blights the Urbex community.

Large safe in a disused factory
Is it safe?

And just to show I do actually like a bit of colour, we came across quite a few of these strong rooms – you can see another one down the corridor with the door shut. I’m glad I started to bring a proper tripod on these explores rather than my little gorilla pod. It’s much sturdier and it keeps the camera up off the floor which can give a better perspective in shots. This time the self timer came into play as I lit the room from the inside with my torch.

Rest of the set can be seen over on


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