Lough Owel blank

Lough Owel

Lough Owel blank on the kayak

Cabin fever has set in over the last few weeks with the weather being so bad. Quick check on WindGuru last night  gave calm conditions for today on Lough Owel so nothing for it but load up the kayak and get ready for an early start.

Well when I say early I mean get there for around 9.00am which is early enough for me and what a sight I was greeted with. Clear blue skies, no wind (to speak of) and an empty lake. Loaded up the kayak with just one rod and a box of small trout lures. At least I thought they were trout lures – the trout thought otherwise!

Wilderness Ride 135 kayak ready to launch
Ready to launch

It was a glorious day for a paddle, and just as well because I did a lot of paddling. Luckily it was nice and calm early on in the day and what little breeze was there was in my face. This was great because it would be behind me as I paddled back down the lake later on – or so I thought.

Calm on Lough Owel
Calm on Lough Owel

From a fishing point of view I basically trolled a variety of small lures – all designed to catch many, many specimen trout (if you believe what it says on the packaging). Well the Co. Westmeath trout must have forgotten to read the instructions because they were having none of it. The one consolation was that the day was fabulous, the scenery gorgeous and I was getting some much needed exercise. Of course all that exercise makes one hungry so a pit stop was called for to partake in some hang sangwiches and coffee. I picked a nice shady spot on the bank for the grub

Shady spot on banks of Lough Owel
Shady spot for lunch

Fed and watered I set off again in pursuit of that elusive trout. I paddled right the way up to the top of Lough Owel all the while hugging the shore. At one point I spotted a trout feeding just under the surface about 100m out from the waterworks but he paid no attention to my lures.

It’s been many years since I’d been this far up in the lake and I was surprised to see a farm shed in the distance, right down on the lake shore with a big yellow JCB or digger of some sort parked in it. Strange place to park a JCB I thought until I got a bit closer and realised it was an Airplane! One of those planes that takes off and lands on water. Wasn’t expecting that!

Yellow Airplane in hangar on Lough Owel
JCB turned out to be a plane

Of course now I had to turn and head back down the lake. I’d spent 5 hours getting here and was looking at nearly the same to get back if I kept hugging the shoreline so I decided to head straight down the middle of the lake.

Oh I must mention my little camera, seeing as this is meant to be a photo blog. I picked up this little Pentax W90 a few weeks back for the princely sum of €40 on Adverts. It’s waterproof down to some silly depth that I hope I never find myself so I decided to try it out. It’s really cool! It fires up quicker than any of my Canons and I get to take award winning shots like this one – half under water and half on top.

Underwater and over water photo of Lough Owel
Under and over

Anyway, back to the fishing – or should I say paddling. I paddled back down the middle of the lake where the depth went down to 22-23m and during this paddle I think I actually got a take. Unfortunately the fish didn’t hook up and that was the only bit of excitement for the day from a fishing point of view.  Oh, and I nearly forgot. Remember I said the breeze was in my face when I set off? Well it became a strong wind, turned around and was still in my face the whole way back down the lake.

Still, fish or no fish, it was a cracking day to be out on the kayak and I can’t wait for the next one. Tight lines and safe paddling.


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