Lazy summer evenings…..

Denis fly fishing on the Boyne
Summer evenings...

One of the benefits of having a wife who also takes photos, is that you can nick the odd one of hers from time to time. So now I’m posting one of her shots (well done Lorraine) of me fishing on the Boyne.

We both took a stroll up the Boyne with the dogs and my fishing rod. I love  fishing, especially fly fishing and there is no better river in Ireland than the Boyne.

Fly fishing is not really a sport or a pastime, it’s a state of mind. When you’re on the river with your rod in your hand and a fish rising, the whole world is left behind.

Phones, Twitter, E mail, Websites, Blogging, Lightroom, Photoshop, all vanish into a parallel universe. There is nothing except you, the fish and the bloody fly you tried to tie!

Have I the right pattern? Should I have stuck in that extra feather? Did I use the right colour thread? These are questions that never arise when you are stalking a trout.

Joking aside, is there a better way to spend an evening? Tonight I caught eight trout.

Each one took my fly, the one I tied myself. Each trout fought like a demon. Each trout was returned to the river unharmed and ready to fight another day….

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