Ah, it was nice today……

Empty dinner plate
I didn't like that......

Regular readers will know that my Mum has been in hospital for quite a while now. In fact it’s coming up to nearly a year at this stage. She’s not getting any younger – 90 on her next birthday – and her memory is not what it used to be. I visit her nearly every day, usually in the evening after work and I always ask her about her dinner that day.

“What did you have for dinner today?” I’d ask, and the reply is nearly always “some sort of stew”. According to her she gets “some sort of stew” everyday, which I doubt.

“Did you eat it?” I’d ask and she’d always tell me “No, I didn’t eat the meat, it wasn’t nice but I ate some of the veg”.

“And did you get a dessert?”

“Oh, Jelly and Ice Cream” is the inevitable reply.

Well last Saturday after I dropped Lorraine off at the Flowers Made Easy Photowalk, I went to visit her and it just so happened to be around dinner time. In to the ward I go and she’s sitting up at her table with an empty dinner plate and an empty dessert bowl!

“I thought you didn’t like the stew in here” I said, staring in disbelief at the empty plates.

“Ah it was nice today” says she!

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