Galway Entertainment

Another few pics from our recent trip to Galway. This time a flavour of some of the street entertainment on offer all along Shop Street.
First up is a South American guy with his Pan Pipes. Now as nice as the pipes are they can become a bit monotonous after a while. Seems one tune sounds just the same as the next one and I’d say if you were stuck in a lift with this music being piped in (see what I did there?) you’d soon feel like tearing your hair out.

Man playing pan pipes
Pan Piper

Our next chap sets himself up with his guitar, amps, heavy coat and settles into a raft of covers – none of which were particularly good – hence not too many people stopping to listen.

Just passing
Passing by……

This chap was my favourite. He’s a freestyle footballer and his skill in controlling a football was amazing. He was mesmerizing to watch and he made it look so easy but you could see the effort he put into it as he was sweating like the proverbial pig. Awesome stuff!

Freestyle footballer
Freestyle football

Of course you have to have one for the tourists. Paddy Whackery at it’s finest as Mac Namaras Band serenades President Obama!

Mac Namara's Band busking
Mac Namara’s Band……..

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