#42 Project 52 @ 50

Serena Downey Ballyfermot putting up the Xmas decorations
Getting ready for Santa

Anyone who has ever driven up the Ballyfermot Road during Christmas will be familiar with one of the most decorated and lit-up houses in Ireland. Each year the Downey family create a wonderland of light, colour, reindeer, snowmen and santas in their garden. Well not just in their garden as the house is literally covered from top to bottom with decorations. It has to be seen to be believed.

As I passed there today I spotted the family out busy getting ready for this year so I had to stop by and say hello. Serena was up to her neck in lights but she stopped to oblige me with a photo. They’ve been doing this for years and the spectacle attracts people from all over the city (and country – I’ve gone up to see it a few times).

When I asked why they do it, they said “for the kids”. Brilliant! Nice to see people still¬†doing something for their community and not looking for any reward. Mind you, I’d hate to see the ESB bill!

They expect to have it all lit up by December 1st, so if you’re in the area make sure to stop by for a look.

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