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Weekly Photo Challenge – Monument

Well not quite a monument, but near enough.

When I say near enough I mean that in a physical sense. Let me explain!

In Dublin’s Phoenix Park, which is the largest enclosed park in Europe, we have what’s known as “The Monument”. Well that’s what all Dubliners call it but it’s real name is The Wellington Monument and it’s a very well known landmark for anyone that has ever been to Dublin.

Now in that same park way back in September 1979, a certain visitor came and attracted about 1.5 million people to come see him. He was of course the Pope and half the country showed up for mass in the park. Such a grand occasion called for something spectacular to be built, so they put up a huge cross which was a great help to the multitude as we at least knew which way to face. I think it was meant to be temporary but Ireland being Ireland back in the day, the Papal Cross got to stay and it still stands in that same spot all these years later.

Papal Cross Monument in Phoenix park

Under the Papal Cross

So what has this got to do with the monument I mentioned earlier? Well nothing really other than it’s very close to “The Monument” as we know it and in fact has become it’s own attraction with lots of people using it as a meeting point in the park.

Of course people still flock to the original monument as can be seen from this shot below taken from the steps of the monument looking down on all the people looking up!

Looking up at the monument

Looking up at the monument

So there you have my contribution to this weeks challenge. Hope you enjoy it!

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