Farmleigh and what you might see there

Dublin is full of little undiscovered gems, one of which is Farmleigh in the Phoenix Park. Ok they get thousands of visitors each year but it’s only my third time there and once again I had a most enjoyable visit. This trip was another camera club outing as we’d been there during the summer and vowed to go back again. So we decide to meet at the Papal Cross earlyish in the morning. Seems the Papal Cross is as popular a meeting place as “under the clock” at Clery’s was. So off we set only to be greeted by multiple road closures and diversions all around the Park. Turns out it’s National (or International) “Walk your Doggy” day so there are thousands of mutts dragging their reluctant owners around the park and this calls for the closure of umpteen roads and the resultant chaos. I mean, hello! It’s a HUGE feicin park. Why couldn’t they walk the little feicers through the fields and let them chase the deer or something? Who knows, we could have had our own version of “Fenton, oh Jesus Christ, Fentonnnnnn” Remember Fenton chasing the deer in Richmond Park?

Crowd walking dogs in Farmleigh
Walking the dogs

While rambling around the grounds I spotted these two girls setting up their cameras for a selfie. Not your usual “duck face” selfie, instead self timers and a bit of effort in composition. Then by cleverly placing their two cameras as close as possible to each other, they both end up with the same shot. Nothing for it only for me to grab a shot while they were taking theirs and to be different I focussed on their cameras rather than on the girls themselves. I showed them the resulting picture on the back of my camera but I don’t think they were too impressed! So much for me trying to be creative.

Two girls taking a self portrait shot
Smile for the selfie

As beautiful as the house and grounds are at Farmleigh, I didn’t take any shots of them. I’m not a big fan of “landscape/scenery” type shots and much prefer the little details. Harsh bright sun is always difficult to work with but it can produce some lovely shadows like these from a steel fire escape which caught my attention.
Shadows from a fire escape satircase
Staircase shadow

I’m also a fan of shape and form and the Clock Tower provided me with this shot of one of it’s corners against the blue sky and framed with the trees. This is a fascinating building as it’s actually a water tower supplying water to the Farmleigh Estate using an ingenious pumping system from the Liffey valley down below.
Clock tower at farmleigh
Clock tower against the sky

So there you have it, my most recent visit to Farmleigh. It’s a fantastic place to visit and I’m sure to be back there again.

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