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Galway Christmas Markets

So we found ourselves in the Galway Christmas Markets a couple of weeks back. This was a camera club outing on the Saturday so naturally myself and Lorraine had to make a weekend out of it so we headed down on Friday night and stayed until Monday – as you do! Friday night saw us head into town, grab a bottle of plonk, make our way back to the hotel in time to watch Ryan and the Late Late Toy Show which was brilliant! Of course you can’t watch the telly nowadays without having Twitter on at the same time so while we were engrossed with Ryan entertaining the kids, the Twitter machine was keeping us updated with the awful tragedy in Glasgow and that horrible helicopter crash. Our daughter lives only a short hop from the Clutha Pub and it was a friend of her boyfriend who posted the first picture on twitter saying he’d spent the last 20 minutes pulling people from the pub. That picture was the one shown on all the TV stations. Awful stuff.
Anyway back to our trip to Galway and the annual Christmas Markets which have become hugely popular over the past few years. The markets are set up on Eyre Square and are basically made up of hats, crafts, food, hats, junk, hats and drink. There’s a lot of hats……
The food is good though and there are plenty of stalls selling everything from coffee to cakes to burgers to pretzels and of course the obligatory German Sausage.

Man cooking sausages and burgers

Cooking ze sausages

Now there’s one thing that annoys me as a photographer and that is when you take a photo of someone, in this case the guy cooking the sausages, and he then demands money for taking his photo! He wanted a tenner from me and to be honest I came close to leaning across the counter and giving him a good slap in the mouth. This is not the first time I’ve encountered this. I remember taking a photo of a girl selling hats (more hats) on a stall near Temple Bar and the next thing this guy from the another stall starts demanding money on behalf of the girl! I wasn’t even taking his photo and he starts demanding money. Good thing I’m fairly laid back because he deserved a good slap!
Back to Galway and the Markets. Next up was the Pretzel stall and I tried one of these. I suspect this Pretzel stall is sponsored by a beer company because the pretzel I got was unbelievably salty and all I wanted to do afterwards was drink!

Pretzels at the Galway Market

If Carlsberg did pretzels….

Chimney Cake. WTF is Chimney Cake? I’d never heard of it but there was a stall selling freshly baked Chimney cake and it seemed to be very popular.

Man making chimney cake

Making the Chimney Cake

Every time I passed the stall there was a queue for this cake. Not being a cake eater I didn’t try it but I can only assume it was good as the queue lasted well into the evening.


Queuing for chimney cake

I mentioned the food and the hats so I mustn’t forget the junk. This time it was the religious junk, just like the tacky crap you see for sale in Knock.

Nun selling religious ornaments

Well Holy God…

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