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Real photographers don’t laugh……

Photographers enjoying their photography....

You're not supposed to laugh........

A few of us took a trip up Slane Hill last Thursday to take a some shots. We ended up playing with off camera flash and shooting each other or in this case shooting Darren and his big sloppy mutt, Meeko. On reviewing my shots from the night there was one thing that stood out in most of them.

Everyone was laughing.

Then I thought of some of the nonsense that goes on in some camera clubs and of how serious some people get when they go out to shoot. You have to do this or the horizon must be on the bottom third or you can’t have lens flare or the composition is not right. It also reminded me of a young chap I met last week who on enquiring about membership of a well known camera club, was asked what camera he used. When he mentioned Sony he was told the club was full!

Is that what club photography is all about?  I hope not. I hope when I go out to shoot with friends that we spend most of our time laughing, joking and enjoying ourselves.

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