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Scotts Tower Edinburgh Scotland

Towards the Tower

Just a few shots from our trip to Edinburgh a couple of weeks back. We didn’t get to spend a huge amount of time in this beautiful city, partly because we were late leaving Glasgow and we got stuck in one of those awful traffic jams on the motorway. So by the time we actually got there, found parking and had something to eat there wasn’t enough hours left in the day to see more of it. We set off along Rose Street which is full of little shops, food and beer places. Rose Street runs parallel to the main drag, Princes Street and when we popped out at this junction there was the magnificent Scotts Tower at the end of the street. On further investigation it turns out you can climb up the 287 steps right the way to the top – all for the princely sum of £3. Of course me being afraid of heights I had to do it and Lorraine being afraid of heights, she was staying on terra firma!

View over Edinburgh from Scotts Tower

Across the city

It’s one hell of a climb up the spiral steps but thankfully it’s broken into four sections each with it’s own viewing balcony and a chance to take a breath.  Looking West over the train station you can see right across the Firth of Forth with Arthur’s Seat just beyond the city. Spectacular views on a clear day – as long as you don’t look down!

Looking down from Scotts Monument

Don’t look down!

That little red down down below is Lorraine who not only wouldn’t go up, but couldn’t even look up without getting dizzy. Over to the right was Edinburgh Castle which because of time constraints we didn’t get to visit. I also couldn’t shoot it from the top of the tower because the sun was too strong and was shining straight into the lens. This was while the rest of the UK was covered in snow and Ireland was getting washed away by storms. But no trip to Edinburgh would be complete without a shot of the castle, so here it is.

Silhouette of Edinburgh Castle

Leaving Edinburgh

So that was our short but interesting visit to Edinburgh. Oh, and did I mention the million quid? We got to see a real live £1,000,000 in cash. In fact we got to see two of them! 50,000 £20 notes in a glass box in a museum. Very cool.

More from Edinburgh over on Pix.ie


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