#9 Project 52 @ 50

Pat Faulkner Butcher Kingscourt, Cavan
The butcher of Kingscourt

Anyone familiar with Kingscourt in Cavan will know the little blue butcher chop on the corner of the Carrickmacross Road called P.Faulkner. I’ve passed it a million times always with a little smile to myself because I work in a company called P. Faulkner & Sons and have done for a long time now.  At least we used to be called P. Faulkner & Sons until we got all modern and it became Faulkner Export Packaging.

Anway, myself and Lorraine took a trip to Dun a Rí Forest Park which is just outside Kingscourt and you pass the shop on the way. On the way back I pulled up in the street and popped into the shop to see if I could get a shot. I asked the butcher would he mind if I took a couple of shots of the shop and told him about the company of the same name that I worked for. He was very interested in my employers even though they are not related. He told me his name was Pat and that the P over the door was his. Previously it was M Faulkner after his father Michael, but some years ago when he was renovating the outside, he changed it to the P. The P will last another generation as his 16 year old son Padraig will hopefully take over the business in the future. Nice to see family businesses passing on down the line.  Just like our company who are in the same family ownership since 1860.

Pat didn’t mind posing for a few shots in the shop. I would have liked to have a wider lens for this because it’s one of the few butchers shops where huge chunks of meat still hung from metal hooks in the window. However I was stuck with the 50mm and the shop is quite small so this was the best I could do. It’s not the greatest shot in the world because the sun was shining brightly causing massive contrast and my PP skills are not that great.

So thanks a million to Pat Faulkner of Kingscourt for putting up with crazy camera toting tourists!

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