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I’ve lost my street mojo

I love Street Photography.

However, I think I’ve lost my Street mojo.

Today I headed into town with my (or should I say Lorraine’s) Fuji X10 to take a few street shots. Now normally I don’t have a problem finding interesting things to shoot but today I saw nothing! Maybe I’m becoming too critical, but today I didn’t find one interesting scene to shoot. I hung around various advertising signs in the hope that something would present itself but it didn’t. I lurked around the GPO, mooched up Moore Street and patrolled Henry Street in the hope of seeing something vaguely interesting. But no, not a thing.

In desperation I did take a couple of shots………..

Men on phone on Henry Street

Street talk….

Street performer walking on Henry Street

Moving statue….

Woman in same colour as window dummy

Colour cordinated


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