Yellow Steeple Shiraz

A few weeks back I decided to give this home brew lark a try so a quick trip to Kells to a little shop called Making Your Wine lightened my wallet by a heap of money and got me on my way.

So kitted out with an Aussie Shiraz kit, a plastic bucket thingy, carboy, tubing, corks, corker, shrink sleeves, bungs and various other bits and bobs I was ready to start. After much sterilising, heating, measuring, mixing, huffing and puffing the brew was on the go.

Finally today it was ready for bottling! The one piece of kit I didn’t get was a hydrometer so I’ve no idea of the alcohol content. It could be red lemonade or it could be sherry. The only way to find out is to drink a bottle and see if I fall over or try drink another one. If I fall over after one then it’s strong…….

Oh I ┬ámust point out that this kit makes about 30 bottles so therefore I needed 30 empty wine bottles. Now where to get 30 empty wine bottles I thought. Well I could have gone and bought 30 empty wine bottles from the above shop which seemed a bit on the sacrilege side so I took the easy option and emptied 30 bottles of wine. Much better solution……

So we did some more sterilizing, a lot of filling, corking, some labelling and finally some shrinking and we ended up with this years finest vintage Yellow Steeple Shiraz.

Home made Shiraz wine called Yellow Steeple
Yellow Steeple Shirazish…..

It’s a sophisticated and naughty little red (says so on the label) Shiraz’ish – emphasis on the ish named after, you guessed, the famous Yellow Steeple in Trim. The wine shall now rest quietly in the bottle for another month or so to allow the delicate flavours and aromas to mature. Or more realistically we’ll polish off the whole lot when the kids come home for Christmas!



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