Weekly Photo Challenge : Signs

Interesting challenge this week so I thought I’d sign up……..

See what I did there? 🙂

I’ve got lots of photos of signs in my catalogue and rather than pick out a few really interesting random ones, I thought I’d show three shots of signs that are all related.

They come from an exploration of an abandoned veterinary research laboratory that a couple of us explored. Fascinating place and you can see more shots from our day over here.

First up is just a general few signs taken outside.

Contaminated Area Signs

That heavy duty door makes you wonder what’s inside…..

Carcase Reception Sign
Left or right?

I know what a carcase is, but I’ve no idea what RVL is…… Maybe it’s a sign of things to come….

No entry sign
You probably don’t want to go in here….

So there’s my three sign photos for this weeks challenge. Hope you like them as much as I liked taking them………


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