Yellow Steeple Sunset

Yellow Steeple Trim Co Meath at sunset
Sunset can be magical

The golden hour of sunset can be lovely and with the added bonus of catching the sun through the window of the Yellow Steeple, along with some nice clouds, we got a half decent shot which made the trip worthwhile.

Update :

Imagine my surprise next day when I was flicking through Instagram and browsing some shots tagged with #meath. Lo and behold there’s the above shot posted by some one else and being claimed as their own. Not only was he claiming it as his own, but he described how he went to Trim that evening and took the shot and then went on to give a little history of the Yellow Steeple and how he hoped his followers liked his shot!

Needless to say I was a bit miffed. Mind you there was a little underlying tinge of pride that someone deemed my photograph good enough to steal and call their own, but still it wasn’t right. I left a little comment to that effect on his account and posted about it on boards and twitter. Lots of people got to see it and lots of not so polite comments were left on his account. (Thanks to all who took the time to comment).

Now it turns out that he was a 16yr old kid and was only new to the whole Instagram thing – no excuse I know – but I don’t think it was done in a malicious way and it certainly wasn’t for any financial gain on his part. As soon as he discovered his mistake he immediately apologised to me in a long post on one of my other shots on Instagram (it’s there to read if you care to look). I had no hesitation in accepting his apology and hopefully he will have learned a valuable lesson from the experience.

I have to say I was quite surprised to discover that lifting other peoples photographs and posting them as your own is quite common on Instagram. I just don’t see the point! My understanding of Instagram is you take a pic with your mobile and post it there and then – Instant.  It’s not meant to be a showcase for a photographers work, just a bit of fun. I also don’t understand why some people post photos taken elsewhere with their DSLR – we have or flickr or 500px for that stuff. Why post them to Instagram? Are they looking for lots of  “likes” to prove how “good” they are?

Anyway, that’s my little rant over…………………

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