Trim gets Gold

Trim gets a Gold medal in the Entente Florale 2015

Didn’t we do well? 2015 and Trim wins a Gold medal in the Entente Florale and it was a well deserved win. The town looked fantastic all summer with flowers bursting with colour all over the place. Here’s a few pics from around the town taken in July when Trim looked spectacular.

Click on any picture below to see it bigger.

Trim wins Gold in Entente Florale

Trim wins Gold in Entente Florale


Entente Florale Trim


The Town looked fantastic


Well done to all involved


Trim, you never looked so well…..


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  1. Brian Heffernan

    Hi, I’m looking to use some of your photos for Trim Tidy Towns, would this be ok? Kind Regards, Brian Heffernan Trim Tidy Towns 0868207804

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