Trim from above

Let’s see Trim from above for a change.

It’s been a while since I’ve flown the DJI Phantom, mainly because of the dodgy gimbal which has prevented me from getting decent video. However with a bit of ingenuity and a lump of 30lb mono-filament, I got it back in some sort of working order. Instead of shooting video I decided to try a few stills from the GoPro. I have notions of maybe doing some aerial shots at weddings or even some property stuff. I also want to try out some urbex from above which should be interesting.

Anyway, back to today and with the incredibly warm weather it was a toss up between sitting in front of the computer and editing photos or getting out with the quadcopter and making some photos. Guess what won!

Flying dji phantom at Trim Castle

Time for some aerial photography

Of course here in Trim we are blessed with some fantastic old ruins which have been photographed to death. Trim Castle is probably our most famous so that was a good a spot as any to go. Myself and Lorraine (she took the above pic) climbed up the hill in glorious sunshine only to be greeted by howling gale force winds. OK, that’s a slight exaggeration but it was mad windy up there, especially when flying a quadcopter.

Trim Castle from the air

Trim Castle from above

This is probably what Trim Castle looks like from the top of the Yellow Steeple and as we were in the area we took a quick shot of the same Yellow Steeple. So while I’m trying to control the Phantom in the mad gusty wind and some chap comes up behind me and starts asking me questions. Meanwhile the Phantom is doing a jig in the wind and is in danger of disappearing off into the sunset, so if that gentleman is reading this, I do apologise for not answering you. I was otherwise engaged……

Yellow Steeple from the air

Yellow Steeple

We also took a spin over to Newtown and took a shot of St John’s Priory. Actually we took quite a few shots but the rest didn’t work. From today’s outing I learned two things. Don’t be too close to the subject and don’t be too far away. The GoPro has such a wide field of view if you’re too far away the subject is lost – just like the Trim Castle shot and if you’re too close you cut off bits of your subject. The shot of the Priory below was the only one in which you can see the whole site. I flew the quadcopter too close to the ruin and all of the other shots comprised of just bits of the Priory. They went in the bin.

St Johns Priory from the air

The Priory

So there is some potential in this whole aerial photography lark. I see it creeping into wedding photography and it can be great fun. I’m looking forward to tackling a few more projects around Trim in the future so watch this space.




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